How to Design Your Living Room Space

Posted on April 29th, 2019 by flemingtondepartmentstore.

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Once you’ve chosen the right living room furniture and it arrives to your home, you’re faced with another big challenge: deciding where to put it all within the space. Luckily, arranging living room furniture in a rectangular room is usually pretty simple. Remember that there is no wrong way to set up your home, as long as you are happy with the results. But if you’re finding it hard to put everything in the room in a way that feels natural and functional, here are a few tips to keep in mind to get the best results.

Consider The Shape of the Room

How the room is shaped should influence the way you arrange your furniture. A square or rectangular room is easier to place furniture in thanks to the obvious borders that exist within the room. An unusual shape, or even an open-concept space, might require different furniture pieces due to the space available. For example. you may not be able to fit a sectional into the space, and choose to use a sofa and chairs for seating instead.

Assess How You Use The Room

The purpose of the room makes a big difference in how the furniture should be arranged. If you’ve invested in a big-screen television and entertainment system, you may want to set the seating up so that everyone gets a good view. If you prefer having friends over for game night and conversation, it may be better to place seats facing each other with a cocktail table in the middle. This allows everyone to see each other and reach the tabletop to participate or place a drink.


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Make It Practical

Though you may want to create a breathtaking living room that would look at home in an architectural magazine, it’s important to consider your day to day needs. If you have a large family with plenty of people constantly stopping by, be sure to include enough seating for everyone while keeping a clear path for people to walk through. Parents of small children might want to include storage options, like an ottoman or coffee table with built-in storage, where toys and other items can easily be stashed away when friends stop by. Furniture upholstered in stain-resistant performance fabric is also a great addition for families.

Use Light to Your Advantage

Increasing the light in your living room helps it look bright and fresh, and gives visitors the impression that it is spacious and roomy. If you have a window that lets sunlight in, place a mirror across from it to reflect and amplify the light. For gloomy days and after sunset, adding a few lamps to your room will create ambient lighting that can give the space a whole new look.

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