Our Top Tips for How to Arrange Reclining Furniture

Posted on March 19th, 2019 by flemingtondepartmentstore.

reclining furniture arrangement tips

Adding a reclining chair or sofa to your space takes a little more planning than placing another kind of furniture in the same room. Not only do you have to ensure there is enough space when the chair is sitting straight up, you also want to verify that the chair can be put in the fully reclined position without rubbing against wall surfaces and blocking the path of family members who need to move around.

Here are our top tips for placing reclining furniture in your living space.

Tip 1: Leave space between reclining furniture and the wall

Reclining furniture can cause damage to your wall and paint if it repeatedly rubs against the same surface. The dark finish of the recliner can rub off on light paint tones, leaving marks that are hard to clean off.

Once you find the ideal spot for your recliner, test it to make sure you can open the chair and lay back without touching any walls. This will preserve your wall space and also keep the chair from wearing unevenly, helping to give your recliners in Flemington, NJ, the longest life span.

Tip 2: Keep Furniture Clear of Your Recliner

Side tables, lamps, bookshelves and other small furnishings can be scuffed if a recliner hits them, and sharp table corners can even damage the fabric of the chair. Make sure you leave enough room between your new chair and these items, especially if you’ve chosen a chair that can swivel in different directions. Test this space by opening the chair to the reclined position and turning it in each direction to make sure it doesn’t hit anything.

Tip 3: Clear a Pathway

Nothing is worse than getting settled in your recliner only to find you are blocking the path that others need to walk to get around the room. Instead of having to close the recliner each time someone wants to walk by, be sure to leave a path so friends and family can get around you to grab a snack or go to the bathroom. This will also make it easier if you want to entertain and have to walk around with snacks or drinks, or if you have active pets and children in the house.

Tip 4: Keep The Button or Lever Handy

No one wants to sit in a recliner that can’t be leaned back due to the button or lever being blocked from reach. Be sure that you leave the area around the button or lever open so that it is easy to access. This will keep you from having to move a table or another piece of furniture each time you want to use the recliner.

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