5 Pieces to Make Basketball Binge-Watching Even Better

Posted on March 18th, 2019 by flemingtondepartmentstore.

If you are one of the millions of Americans anticipating the biggest month for college basketball, you should start preparing now. March Madness is a phenomenon known among basketball enthusiasts. With colleges around the US competing in this NCAA event, everyone is, in fact, anticipating for each game. If you are also waiting for March Madness, here are some of the best furniture for watching sports to make your basketball binge-watching even better.

A Stressless Chair

best furniture for watching sports

Watching a basketball game can be stressful especially if your team is not making a point. Also, it is best to cheer for your college if you can move around easily in your chair. This is what a stressless chair can give you. A stressless chair like the ones from Fleming department store allows you to move easily with its full 360-degree swivel feature. It also allows you to recline it to give your back a more relaxed position while waiting for your favorite team to make it to the finals.

Home Entertainment Furniture

One of the best furniture for watching sports is home entertainment furniture. Watching every NCAA game can get better if you can hear every cheer from a carefully set up home theater. A home entertainment furniture can give you the option to set up your TV and speakers smoothly to make your viewing more relaxed. You can find trendy and functional home entertainment furniture from Flemington department store.

A Convenient Coffee Table

The March Madness is a continuous battle among colleges around the country. With 68 teams competing with one another, you might yourself sleep or hungry after a few games. Having a coffee table that you can put your coffee and food on is a must. This table can be placed on the side of your stressless chair. It will make it easier for you to reach for a snack or a coffee from time to time.

A Storage Ottoman

When binge-watching a basketball game, you should have everything that you need near you. you should have a reachable blanket, small pillow, some junk foods, and charger. For these, you can have a storage ottoman to place next to your favorite chair or sofa. Your bonus? It can be used as a chair if someone comes in to watch with you making it a smart addition to your home furniture.

Reclining Sectional


For the best furniture for watching sports, you can have a reclining sectional sofa set with a padded footrest. This kind of sofa set from Flemington department store won’t just add appeal to your living room, it will make your basketball binge-watching more comfortable as well. With its seating options, your entire family can change seating positions easily with a push of a button.


For a better experience when it comes to basketball binge-watching, have these 5 pieces available in your living room before March Madness begins. The good news is, these are not hard to find. One place to find them all is Flemington Department Store!

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