The Best Winter Footwear and Clothing To Help You Stay Warm

Posted on September 18th, 2018 by flemingtondepartmentstore.

Leaves are starting to change color, the days are getting shorter and a chill is in the air, so it’s time to get ready for winter temperatures. If you’re tired of buying winter clothes that you never end up wearing and staring at your closet every morning trying to decide the best winter footwear, it may be time to stock up on some pieces you can use in many different situations.

By purchasing pieces in neutral colors, you can combine them in different ways to keep creating new looks for work and casual wear until spring comes. Here are some of the best winter footwear and clothing you should consider buying before the first snow falls.

Classic Construction Boots

A staple of New York life, construction boots have become fashionable enough to be spotted on the runway during fashion week. The classic brown, black or yellow colors and suede finish are perfect for casual settings and make it easy to walk anywhere in comfort.

Wear them with sweaters and scarves to stay comfortable on cool Fall days outside, and to keep your feet warm on snowy days where you might step into the occasional puddle. Purchase the quality ones made by well-known brands like Timberland and Columbia and you can expect them to last many years.

best winter footwear and clothing

Thermal Jackets

There was a time that staying warm in the winter meant wearing a big bulky coat that ruined any hope of looking stylish when you left the house. Now, jackets are made with special fabrics that trap your body heat inside, making it easy to stay warm in a coat that’s thin and comfortable and preserves the overall look of your outfit.

By reflecting the heat back towards your body, you can stay warm in any outside temperature. Many of these fabrics also repel water to help you stay dry if you get trapped in an unexpected snowfall.

Fleece Lined Tights

If your winter wardrobe includes skirts and dresses, fleece lined tights are a must have. They will keep your legs cozy-warm even as the winter wind tears through the air. If you have limited funds to spend on a winter wardrobe, you can keep wearing summer skirts and dresses by throwing tights on underneath and a sweater on top to create a brand new outfit. You can also combine them with sweaters and boots to create cute, casual looks for date nights or Sunday brunch.

If you’re shopping for some new items for your winter wardrobe, Flemington Department Store in Flemington, New Jersey should be your first stop. We have a wide selection the best winter footwear and clothing to keep you warm through the cold months for men, women and kids. Visit our store, open seven days a week, to see our selection in person.

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